Top 5 Best Motorcycle GPS Systems: A Comprehensive Review and Guide


Kickstarting an exhilarating journey on a motorcycle calls for a trusty GPS. This thorough guide navigates the realm of the best motorcycle GPS systems, steering you towards the perfect selection.

Segment 1: The Vital Role of a Motorcycle GPS

A motorcycle GPS transcends its role as a mere navigation instrument. It morphs into a faithful travel companion ensuring you never wander off track. It provides step-by-step directions, allowing your attention to stay on the path ahead. Additionally, it identifies points of interest such as fuel stations or eateries, thereby enhancing your travelling ease.

Segment 2: Key Attributes to Look for in a Motorcycle GPS

Purchasing a motorcycle GPS entails careful consideration of certain key features:

2.1. Resilience: The GPS should be sturdy, water-resistant, and immune to vibrations.

2.2. Display Size and Clarity: An ideal GPS should possess a bright, legible display that remains clear under all lighting conditions.

2.3. Personalised Route Planning: The system should permit route customisation according to your preferences.

2.4. Battery Longevity: Extended battery life is crucial for continual service throughout lengthy trips.

2.5. Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity facilitates hands-free usage and up-to-the-minute traffic updates.

Segment 3: Analysis of the Best Motorcycle GPS Systems

In line with the factors outlined above, we present our top selections for the best motorcycle GPS systems:

Best motorcycle GPS systems

3.1 Garmin Zumo XT

The Garmin Zumo XT distinguishes itself with a 5.5-inch display, touchscreen optimised for gloved use, and tough design. It showcases impressive route planning functionalities and Bluetooth support for hands-free utilisation.

3.2 TomTom Rider 550

The TomTom Rider 550 is renowned for its rugged build and exceptional sunlight readability. It provides Wi-Fi updates, granting riders the convenience of keeping the device current without needing a computer.

3.3 BMW Motorrad Navigator VI

The Motorrad Navigator VI from BMW features an easy-to-read 5-inch screen and offers sophisticated route planning options. It also includes a unique “Winding Roads” feature, recommending intriguing routes for adventure seekers.

Segment 4: Ensuring the Longevity of Your Motorcycle GPS

Proper upkeep can notably prolong your GPS’s lifespan. Here are some maintenance pointers:

4.1 Cleaning: Use a soft cloth to clean the screen and prevent scratches.

4.2 Software Updates: Regularly refresh the device’s software for pinpoint navigation accuracy.

4.3 Storage: When not in use, store the device in a location free of moisture and heat.


The quest for the best motorcycle GPS hinges on your individual requirements and likes. Whether it’s the feature-rich Garmin Zumo XT, the durable TomTom Rider 550, or the advanced route planner BMW Motorrad Navigator VI, each model offers something special. Remembering factors like resilience, display size, route planning capabilities, battery longevity, and wireless connectivity will help you discover a GPS system that transforms every journey into a seamless and pleasurable adventure.

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